Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Yeah, so I'm a lazy get.


2007 promises to be a right interesting year for our dear home town, as it tries to shake off its reputation as The Most Dangerous, Gun-Infested City In The Entire World whilst at the same time ramming in as many shops, bars and students as possible (when everyone can see that there's got be a recession sooner or later, there's far too many shops and pubs in town as it is, God knows why they're expanding the Broado when everyone knows it ought to be reduced to the size of a Rubik Cube, and a university education is now an unaffordable luxury to huge swathes of kids).

Highlights this year will include;

The Square Reopening

Or will it? This should have happened months ago, and Goths, people who like falling off skateboards in public and pigeons are all tapping their feet and whining softly to themselves in barely-disguised frustration. Like I said before - if they had listened to me and just put down one massive slab, it would have been done by now.

The Tory Spring Party Conference Comes To Nottingham

Oh God, kill me now. If you think it's bad enough when one media twat comes up to Notts to sniff around for disaffected youth injecting heroin into their eyeballs and shooting each other, you're advised to spend the week in the caves under the castle, because this is going to be horrible. Expect David Cameron to lay hands on black kids in St Anns and the Meadows, quite possibly with a bandana on.

Forest To Finally Escape The Misery Of Division Three

Yes, they're having a mid-season wobble, but fret not; they are too good for this division and will make it out by April at the very latest. Trust me. And let's not discount Notts' chances either - it's a right lucky bag of a division and they're due a bit of good fortune.

The Clough Statue To Go Up

The money's been raised, and they're looking to commission an artist. Well looking forward to seeing this in town.

Nottingham To Look Less Like A Building Site


LeftLion To Raise Its Game Even Further

At long last, we're getting office space and will no longer have to run things from a living room in Sherwood. Expect a significant rise in quality this year.

Normal service resumes tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this delightful clip passed on by the rather wonderful NFFC Blog featuring Ebby (the mad German bloke who used to commute from Dusseldorf to Forest's home and away games), being chased round the stage of the Variety in Radford by Gordon the Bingo Caller, a naked gimp, and Jesus.


mike said...

Oh, I thought you'd given up... good to see you haven't.

May Contain Notts said...

Christ on a crisp packet! I didn't realise anyone was actually reading this. Consider my arse well and truly kicked, mate...