Saturday, March 29, 2008

LL 22 is hard as HELL, battle anybody I don't care who you TELL

Apologies for my rubbish maintenance of this blog, but I'm currently editing LeftLion while the proper Ed is poncing off round the world. As you can see by that skill cover above, it might just have been worth it. Alas, Page 6 - featuring a bleddy mint article about Gay Nottingham by the chap who writes this blog - was mangled beyond recognition for some reason, so we've thrown it up on the website. You can - and should - read it here.

Other features include an interview with Chuck D, a long-overdue shine for the Fish Man, Nottingham's only Goth Plumber, an exclusive extract from Nicola Monaghan, Reverend Car Bootleg, and an upskillified listings sections. Hope you like it.

(and yes, consider this blog fully operational again)