Wednesday, January 31, 2007

On Your Knees For King LeftLion the Fifteenth, Peasants

Nice, in't it? The latest issue of the only free mag in Notts that's too good to put under your dog's ringpiece while he's curling one off in the living room is OUT NOW, youth - and will you just take a look at that sexy, sexy cover? Roll it up in the pub and mek aht that you've just come back from Skeggeh, or stick it under your armpit and try to convince girls that your Primark jacket is really Paul Smith. Or you could just read the bastard, I suppose, rammed to buggery as it is with interviews of some of the vanguard of the Trent Tempo and some other people. If you can't wait, here's the PDF.
And ohh ahh yeah - the LeftLion Pub Quiz is back tonight at the Golden Fleece on Mansfield Road from 8.30 onwards. It was heaving last week, mainly because the Post were there to write an article on pub quizzes, and various alt-media types were falling over themselves trying to get their pic taken to impress their Mams (tsk). So get in early.
(and I'd like to welcome all new readers of MCN who followed the link from my news section in the latest issue of the Lion. But I can't, because the bell-ends put the wrong fucking link up. Cha.)

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