Saturday, January 06, 2007

A bad day to be a County, sorry, Notts fan

Not only did Forest pull an incredibly impressive performance out of their, ahem, arse today, but according to a survey by Littlewoods, Notts County have been crowned as the worst professional football team to support in England over the last 20 years. So as well as being the most violent, crime-ridden city in the known universe, we've supposedly got the most suicidal football supporters in the UK an'all. Ha ha! Stick that up your ringpiece, Hull!

Fans were asked to identify the factors that caused them the most anxiety when following their favourite's fortunes. A number of 'stress factors' are identified, including sacking managers, missing out on promotion, going into administration, losing in the play-offs, the 'yo-yo' effect of promotion and relegation, regular defeats at home, losing games from being in a winning position and losing in cup finals.
Hm. I dunno what Wimbledon fans will have to say about this, but I'm not so sure that the Maggies are the worst team to support in Notts, never mind anywhere else. It has to be said that out of the numerous 'Pie people I know, it takes a lot to piss them off (in fact, the only thing that really galls them is when you refer to their club as 'Caan-teh'). Although supporting a club that has been in the shadow of their rivals for the past 50 years takes a lot of stoicism, it's better to accept your lot than live on past glories and follow a team who has gone into chronic decline as Forest (rated as 47th worst) have, surely?

Although Notts have been prodded with the shitty end of a very pointy stick for ages, there are twentysomething Forest fans walking about today who know nothing of going into the Square to see the European Cup being waved off the balcony, or seeing Forest break Ajax and the like over their knee. It's them who I really feel sorry for.

And what about Mansfield (59th worst)?

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