Monday, January 29, 2007

'Broadsheet Journo Writes Decent Article About Notts' Shock

Dunno if you caught it yesterday, but this article in the Observer is a very rare example of reportage about our lovely home town. Yeah, so maybe he does the usual let's-go-to-St-Anns-and-Radford-to-see-if-anyone-gets-shot routine, but it makes a nice change to see someone bothering to talk to local people who actually give a fuck about where they live. This segment is what we usually get...

Another London magazine has been up in the past, offered them a few hundred quid to get their knives out for some photos, asked them if they can find some guns to pose with. They wonder if the Observer might up the ante.

(That'll be piss-poor ponce mag Vice, then)

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mike said...

Oh, I missed that. Good article, ta for the link.