Monday, August 13, 2007

What The Fuck Is This Rammell?

The new football season (which started approximately two minutes after the last one) saw Forest and Notts scraping draws with Bournemouth and Grimsby respectively, but we're not going to talk about that. Oh no. We're going to talk about Nottingham Forest's decision to nob off Sherwood the Bear as their mascot and replace it with that gimp up there. Over to Mark Arthur, who has already appeared in this blog as the bell-end who wants to move Forest to a big toilet in Clifton;
Reds chief executive Mark Arthur said: "When people think of Nottingham they think of Nottingham Forest, they think of Brian Clough, they think of Trent Bridge - and they think of Robin Hood.
...and they also think about guns, and
knifings, and people shoving glasses in each other's faces, Mark. Why not have a big fluffy gun on legs that shot out footballs?
"Sherwood Bear was a popular character, but in all honesty, some children were a little bit scared of him. He was a bear after all."
Eh? Was he going round biting people's faces off and diving on Forest supporters snap tins? Or was he a bear in the NG1 sense of the word? Actually, Sherwood the Terrifying Predatory Homosexual Bear Who Wants To Have Bum-Sex With Your Kids looks like this;

...and the only thing young Forest supporters are scared of is being stuck with following a shit club in Division Three and getting laughed at in the playground by kids with Man United and Chelsea pencil cases.

If you're that arsed about it, there's a campaign to save Sherwood, and you can read about it
here. I wouldn't normally get wound up about things like this, but the idea of Robin Hood being sponsored by Capital One makes me want to puke my ring until my entire digestive system hangs round my neck like a chain.

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