Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Strelley Telly Time #3: Nottingham Is Vibrant And Eclectic


ste said...

what the fuck is this? why have you uploaded some kind of racist attack?

May Contain Notts said...

Can't say I noticed that what I'd put up was actually the Sharpville Massacre. But now I look at it again, I can see what I ignorantly assumed was a bunch of kids twatting about in the Square was obviously a BNP attack (even though there's girls of different races getting some kicks in on the lad, but we'll ignore that).

Seriously, what the fuck are you going on about, mate?

ste said...

alright, nobody appears to be bleeding, ill revoke my statement. does very much appear to be 2 white girls and 1 white male going for a couple of black girls, but yes it was wrong for me to presume that the lunging was racially motivated. regardless, my point was why are you uploading and trying to get a laugh at this kind of thing? In a majority of cases (especially in Notts) kids around this age havent got jack shit to do, so yea, they are probably just 'twatting about', but you know how that shit breeds and what the potential outcome for these kids lifes. Its a sore of a serious issue in all underfunded areas, and thats basically 'what the fuck im on about', just the fact that you could use the time, energy and your platform at left lion to highlight the benefactors that give kids from strelly nothing to do or at least something positive instead of laughing at them..

im not trying to say what you should write about/upload or not but please.. you know the deal

cock fights and pitbulls