Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Coward Of The County

We've not had a footballer-gets pissed-and-acts-like-a-twat story for a while, have we? Say hello to Mick Vinter - who played for Notts in the first Sirrel era - who copped a suspended sentence for knocking a female friend about after his usual 10 pints a night. According to the victim, she suffered 'nasal problems' after the assault. Judging by the picture, it looks like Mick has been suffering those all his life.

In other news;

It appears that Gordon Ramsay is in town to shoot an episode of his TV show, I'm An Aryan-Looking Cunt Who Treats People Like Shit In Order To Hide The Fact That I Do A Ponces Job

Some poor cow from Highbury Vale gets slapped with a £522 fine for dropping a nub-end in the Not As New As It Was A Month Ago Old Market Square. Fucking hell, how big was it? Was it blocking the tramlines or summat?

Oh, and our genitals are getting more scabbier than this time last year.

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