Monday, October 01, 2007

Spandau Bell-end

I dunno about you, but this story caused me much in the way of mither over the weekend, as it probably did most Notts lads of a certain age. Not the fact that Richard Nixon managed to find time to stop worrying about being exposed as a cheating bastard to feel a bit sorry for Rudolf Hess - this bit at the end;
"The files include good wishes from civilians, one from a Nottingham man with a photo of his young sons carrying a model Zeppelin."
Fuck. Now, I know I haven't got a brother or owt, but it set me thinking; had me Dad ever took a picture of me and my cousin Kevin holding up a Zeppelin in 1973? I know I had a Colditz glider one Xmas, but he was always too busy getting kaylide at the Old General to help me put it together. There was a photo of me and my sister standing next to a Sooty machine in Chapel St Leonards round about the same time (Sooty, Sweep, and Soo had formed a Power Trio, and if you put 2p in they'd play summat). Had my Dad been sending photos of me to Hitler's deputy? He's mad enough.

Thankfully, the Post got on the case and eased my fears. It was actually a retired Council bod who just wanted his autograph.
"It's like getting the autograph of an Australian cricketer," said
Brian Howell, just before sending a photo of his granddaughter holding up an Airfix model to Osama bin Laden. "You may not like things to do with his personal life but they are a great cricketer and you have to strike a balance in getting their signature."

I don't know how anyone can equate Shane Warne to Supreme Nazi No.2, but this I do know; thank fuck it wasn't me ode man.

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