Tuesday, October 02, 2007

LeftLion Is Not For Sale

A note from LeftLion Towers;
It has come to our attention that a certain (alleged) Big Issue seller is going around town with a bag of LeftLions and offering them for sale, claiming that LeftLion has been bought out by the Big Issue. We’d like to draw your attention to the following;

• LeftLion has always been a free newspaper. That’s why it has a big ‘FREE’ logo near the top.

• LeftLion has not been bought out by the Big Issue, or anyone else. It remains a fiercely independent magazine produced for and by Nottingham people.

• If you see anyone attempting to sell LeftLion, please take their Big Issue vendor number and send it to info@leftlion.co.uk

• LeftLion is available for free in over 300 locations in the Nottingham area. Get a copy from there.

• (Oh, and ask the bloke if he’s got any Big Issues for sale, as it’s good karma)

Thank you,
Cheeky fucking bastards.

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