Friday, October 19, 2007

The End Of An Era

The Variety in Radford has shut down, quite possibly for good.

Although it wasn't to everyone's taste - it was like walking into the 70s, and the entertainment was decidedly un-right-on - The Variety was proper Notts, and fucking hilarious. I was absolutely gagging for my mates from London to come and visit, so I could take them for a concentrated dollop of purest Nottingham - and whether you liked it or not, it was far more representative of Nottingham culture than a thousand bought-in art galleries. And if you didn't go, you'll never know.

As far as I know, LeftLion was the only publication to do a proper interview with the people who ran the place. And here it is.

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Stu said...

Curiously, I am sad to hear of the demise of the Variety Club. I've never visited but have heard many tales of the old place over the years.

It doesn't sound a healthy prognosis for the future but I hope the closure isn't terminal. Just a little bit more of Nottingham's culture slipping away. Shame.

Had a bit to say about one of the Variety Club's 'stars' here - Sneinton Elvis!