Friday, December 01, 2006

Tings A Gwan In LeftLionLand

8,000 issues of
LeftLion - Nottingham's only free magazine worth the steam off your piss - has been whipped away from the printers and is currently stacked up in a flat in Sherwood, ready to be dumped all over the city this weekend. And although I say it myself, this is one mint issue. Look at that cover, for a kick-off; Rikki Marr is a talented fucker, in't he?

Contents...Kasabian...The Mighty Boosh...Juliette Lewis...Jason Lee...Belle & Sebastian...Gary Imlach...Ground Hog breakdance crew...Three-page Xmas diss...The usual Notts-based palaver...

40 pages of properness. Even the adverts look skill.

And, as is our wont, we'll be getting battered in the
Orange Tree on Saturday 2nd December for the monthly LeftLion Presents, featuring The Deltarays and Alice Rock. So get your arse over, youth.

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